BULGARIA – Ship cylinder repair

BULGARIA – Ship cylinder repair

Project: A major ship manager company contacted Varna Maritime Ltd to initiate a metalock repair process on a damaged Cylinder Casing of a marine main engine – WEICHAI CW 625ZIC-1. The following series of pictures describes the repair process performed in 2014 on company premises in Varna Bulgaria.

1 – The Damaged Cylinder Casing before the repair.

2 – Damage on Cylinder No.3

3 – New Cast Iron Insert.

4 – The finished insert after milling.

5 – A view from inside-out on the prepared area with the installed insert.

6 – Drilling of holes for insertion of the Metalock Keys.

7 – Caulking of the already inserted Metalock Keys along with the studs.

8 – The repaired area is ground flush in line with the parent casting.

9 – Damaged Fin in the area of Cylinder No.3.

10 – Parent casting dressed to form an even aperture.

11 – Preparation of a cast iron insert by milling.

12 – Fitting the insert to the damaged area, and securing with studs.

13 – Caulking the Metalock Keys and studs.

14– The completed area is ground flush to the parent casting.