Heritage Building Repairs

Heritage Building Repairs

Heritage, building and architectural onsite metalock repairs

Irreplaceable culture restored…

The repair of cultural artefacts, keeping alive our history. The Metalcock onsite process is the most effective method of truly repairing cast iron, where the iron is left in a stress free, and sometimes greater strength condition. Welding of historic iron always results in increased stresses and often failure of the weld, destroying the parent metal permanently. Metalock repairs can usually be done in-situ if needed, and on material that is decades old.

Some of the repairs our members carry out include:

Heritage items & architectural Sections –
fittings and supports & bridges
Machines –
steam engines / trains
vintage and veteran cars/trucks
presses etc
Other items –
church bells
piano frames

Just call your nearest Metalock member
for a site visit and advice:

CASE STUDY – Landmark bridge repair, centre of busy St Petersberg

Nordweg-Metalock of Russia performed a unique reconstruction work on Pevcheskiy Bridge – a great architectural and engineering construction built in the middle of XIX century in the very centre of Saint Petersburg.

This is the third largest bridge in Saint Petersburg – 72 metres wide with a span of approximately 18 metres. The span is made in the form of hollow calotte composed of 47 arches. Each arch is assembled from 7 hollow cast iron quoins, 2740 x 1520 x 500mm each. The quoins are assembled together by bolted joints both in longitudinal and transversal directions.
Thorough inspection of bridge detected the loss of cast iron fronts elements. Lots of cracks appeared in the cast iron bridge foundation. The subsidence of middle bridge area was approximately 10 cm. Over a period of 3 months, Nordweg-Metalock restored eleven lost front elements completely; each is 1700 x 600 x 500mm approx. More than 83 metres of cracks were repaired by Metalock technology. – Metalock member, Russia

Heritage casting repair

Church bell repair – Metalock member, Italy


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