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Marine & Offshore

Marine and offshore onsite metalock repairs

Why is Metalock so important to marine engineering?

Metalock has become a most critical partner for marine and offshore, more than for any other industry.

A key characteristic of this industry is that any stoppages cannot be tolerated, due to the high cost of loss of service. It is with this in mind that MIA members are skilled in the use of the Metalock engineering process to repair marine equipmentonsite. Repairs can be challenging on a ship, but this is not the case for Metalock.

Locally situated in major ports around the world.
No heat distortion, or metal structure degradation.
In-situ repairs in restricted environments, sometimes when the ship is sailing.
Repairs in days, rather than a replacement in weeks.
We also do other repair services, like onsite machining.
Repairs accepted by international classification societies.

The Metalock process allows for the immediate diagnosis of the damage, where many of the repairs can be carried out with little or no dismantling. Where the downtime is expected to be weeks, a Metalock onsite repair can bring operations be back in hours or days, especially when using other members technicians to speed up the repair.

The marine and offshore operating environment calls for the most stringent levels of resilience and dependability. Metalock has worked with all the certification agencies, and they accept the Metalock process as a valid repair in the marine and offshore environments. MIA members have access to key material and training procedures that are accepted by certification agencies.

Some of the repairs our members carry out include:

Engine blocks
Cylinder heads
Cylinder covers
Fly wheels

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for a site visit and advice:

CASE STUDY – Cylinder Repair

Crack repair on the sixth cylinder of a Akasaka-Mitsubishi marine engine, in-situ repair by Metalock Croatia

CASE STUDY – Turbine case

SULZER turbine case repair, workshop repair by Metalock Croatia

CASE STUDY – Cylinder ring

Main engine damage – fracture of the bottom of the cylinder ring, in-situ repair by Metalock Colombia

CASES STUDIES from some of our members websites

Bulgaria – A selection of marine repairs

Australia – Bergen main engine BRM-9 5,400 BHP.

Italy – Wartsila engine repair


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