Onsite Machining

Onsite Machining

The Metalock International Association was formed in 1953, primarily  for Members who carried out the repair process known as “Metalock” that continues to be recognised throughout the industrial world.

Our members, over the years, have seen the need to offer a choice of services to their clients and one of those is an Onsite Machining service.

If you have a piece of mechanical equipment plant that is too large to take to a machine shop, too expensive to dismantle, too expensive to be replaced or too expensive to be without, then Onsite Machining could be your solution.

As the name “Onsite Machining” suggests – all machines are taken to site and do exactly that of the work done in a machine shop with comparable tolerances achieved by the highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers, All machines are built for purpose or modified from existing onsite machines.

Metalock International is now “The Largest Onsite Machining & Engineering Association in the Industrial World” Our Members, now in over 70 countries, offer an excellent service for all your engineering needs, whether it is on land or sea.

The service our members offer is second to none, often copied but never bettered. Our members offer a 24/7  Worldwide Emergency Service.

Visit our Global Network and select your required Continent and choose your nearest  Member who offers the service you require, alternatively, contact the Metalock International Association who will help you with your enquiry.

Why do so many choose Members of the  Metalock International Association

for their repairs

  • Our Members pride themselves in their quick response to your problem.
  • Our members engineering knowledge is based on years of experience.
  • Our Members pride themselves on the work they undertake for you.
  • Our Members are very competitive in their costs to you.
  • Our members do not hide hidden costs, as many imitators do.
  • Our Members respect your property.
  • Our members will leave the work area as they found it.

Ask our Members for a copy of their Metalock International Association Annual Charter, these are only issued to our members.

Worldwide engineering resources

Cooperation is created through the Metalock International Association; your local engineer is never alone should an unusual problem occur. Technical advice is readily available from experts from around the world, essential when working out tight schedules to keep your down-time to a minimum.

Engineering services Metalock members may provide:

Onsite machining
Metalock Repairs
Leak sealing (pipes, valves, flanges, etc.)
Dry-dock facilities
Electrical repairs
Machine shop facilities
Bearings re-metalled
Reconditioning of Diesel Engine Components
Brush Plating
Stud removal