Orbital Machining

Orbital Machining

Orbital machining is a similar procedure to that of Crankpin or Main Journal machining, without the restrictive and confined working spaces of say a Ships Main Engine.

Orbital machining is usually carried out on open ended shafts of dimension that are economically worthwhile, as against the full dismantling of the component and taken to a workshop. This could then become a very costly procedure, as full dismantling would be a requirement, expensive transportation, repair costs and re-installation.

It all adds up!

Members of the Metalock International Association can help reduce all those costs.

Consider an in-situ repair that is cost effective, precise, quick and reduces expensive downtime.

During these repairs, the shaft for machining remains immobile and the onsite machining tool rotates around the shaft giving the same tolerances that can be achieved in a Machine Shop.


Thrust ridge Ø 360-520 mm of Rotor on the Gas Turbine.

Damage caused as a result of an accident on the surface of the thrust ridge of the Gas Turbine Rotor.

The turning of the thrust ridge had to be done before the defects were eliminated, but not more than to to a depth of 3 mm.

The turning of the thrust ridge Ø 360-520 mm of the Gas Turbine Rotor by a portable machine tool for mechanical processing “on site”(IN-SITU).


All photographs have been supplied by Nordweg – Metalock. St Petersburg


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