Petrochemical & Refinery

Petrochemical & Refinery

Petrochemical, Refinery and Gas onsite Metalock repairs

Oil production engineering – the original home of Metalock

The Metalock onsite process was created, in 1937, to repair oil and gas equipment in the oil fields. It was, and is, is the only effective way to repair castings. Metalock has remained a critical partner for oil and gas production and distribution engineering.

Metalock association members ensure your equipment stays operational and effective, by complete onsite repairs using decades of knowledge.

Immediately available in major oil locations around the world.
No heat distortion, or metal structure degradation.
We do other complimentary repair services, like onsite machining.
Repairs in days, rather than a replacement in weeks.
Repairs accepted by international classification societies.

The Metalock onsite process allows for the immediate diagnosis of the damage, where many of the repairs can be carried out with little or no dismantling. Where the downtime is expected to be weeks, a Metalock repair can bring operations be back in hours or days, especially when using other members technicians to speed up the repair.

In addition to speed of repair, some equipment can be repaired in stages to allow for production to continue during the repair procedure.

The oil and gas operating environment calls for the most stringent levels of engineering resilience and dependability. Metalock has worked with all the certification agencies in the marine and offshore environments, and they accept the Metalock onsite process as a valid repair method. MIA members have access to key material and training procedures that are accepted by certification agencies.

Some of the repairs our members carry out include:

Gear boxes
Machinery Bedplates / frames
Process lines
Steam Valves
Metalock cold repair process

Just call your nearest Metalock member
for a site visit and advice:

CASE STUDY – Cylinder Repair

This reciprocante hydrogen compressor presented severe damage after the counterweight of crankpin got dislocated and crashed against the housing of the compressor.

First we had to reconstruct the main journal housing of the compressorby inserting a metal plate in the wall using Metalock Keys N” 4 and M6 studs. The cylinder distance guide piece also suffered damages and a new cast iron insert was manufactured to replace the broken corner section, this was secured into position by repairing with Metalock keys N” 4. After finishing the Metalock repair the distance guide was machined to its original size

Once finished the repair work measurements of the journals where taken to confirm accuracy of the equipment.
The job was finished within 8 days. – Metalock member, Venezuela

CASE STUDY – Caltex refinery pump

Fracture on flange neck was over 600mm.  Works were of an urgent nature and consisted of crack test, installation of 24 sets of No.3  MN555 Metalocks – 2 deep and copper pads underneath the screws to ensure sealing and pressure test. Pump finished in 2 days. – Metalock member, Australia


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