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Power Generation

Power generation onsite metalock repairs

A no-compromise engineering environment

One key characteristic in power generation is the importance of the continuous nature of operations, and the inter-dependability each piece of equipment has with each other.

Stoppages due to machine failure cause significant output loss, and cannot be tolerated in todays modern commercial environment. It is with this in mind that MIA members are skilled in the use of the Metalock onsite process for the rapid repair of power equipment.

The Metalock process allows for the immediate diagnosis of the damage, where many of the repairs can be carried out onsite with little or no dismantling. Where the downtime is expected to be weeks, a Metalock repair can bring operations be back in hours or days, especially when using other members technicians to speed up the repair.

In addition to speed of repair, in many instances equipment can be repaired in stages to allow for production to continue during the repair procedure.

Our members have been working in power industry engineering for decades, and have built up solid relationships with customers based on our excellent turn-around capabilities and understanding the needs of the customer.

Some of the repairs our members carry out include:

Turbine casings
diesel engines
end bearings
grinding tables
bearing seats
blade carrier
turbines rotors
impeller blades & housings

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CASE STUDY – Turbine Gear high rpm BHD-VOITH Gear Repair

Model : TG 63s – 1250mm Diameter – hardness HrC 60.

Initially one tooth fractured and local firm welded another tooth into position. Unit was put back into service and failed immediately – this time three teeth broke off.

Scope of repairs – crack tested damaged area, followed up by a portable hardness test. Large fluctuations of hardness required removal of the 4th tooth. A dummy was manufactured to fit, and machined to match the existing teeth. Finally, the new part was heat treated, and Metalock process used to fix into position. – Metalock member, Thailand


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