The Metalock Repair

METALOCK is a method for the repair of machinery or structures,  in cast iron, steel and aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, which has been fractured or cracked. The process should be regarded as being evolved rather than invented. The engineer, even after a slight study of the Metalock process, will detect the long established engineering principles on which it is based.

Through the common bond of the Association, individual Metalock member companies are able to exchange staff, technology and ideas relating to engineering repairs. Our members are trained in accordance with the Association’s guidelines and have in-depth experience in the use of the unique Metalock cold repair process.

Exchanging knowledge, research and operational cooperation between members is the main purpose of the association; every year members gather together somewhere in the world solely for this reason. During the rest of the year, staff constantly collaborate across the globe, especially when a member is tackling a complex engineering project.

The Metalock Repair Process

The Metalock process was first developed during the 1930’s in the oil-fields of Texas, where the open flame of welding presented serious problems. The metalock method, being completely cold, eliminated any danger in this connection. The word ‘developed’ is used rather than ‘invented’ because the Metalock process is based on sound engineering principals which have been accepted for more than a century.

Metalock Avantages

Some of the advantages of the Metalock process are listed below:

  • Dampens and absorbs compression stresses.
  • Provides a good “expansion joint” for such castings as cylinder liners, diesel heads or any other vessels subject to thermal stresses, (does not set up new strains or stresses).
  • Distributes the tensional load away from fatigue points.
  • Maintains relieved conditions of inherent internal stresses where rupture occurred.
  • Maintains alignment and original surfaces, since lack of heat produces no distortion.
  • The vast majority of repairs can be done in ‘situ’ with consequent saving in time with little or no dismantling,

Masterlock is the name for inlays of high strength alloy inserts. These inserts are inlaid at points of high strength concentration, or in sections subject to overloading and subsequent fracture.

Masterlocks can be of various shapes and dimensions and the size and shape vary with the requirements of each repair

Engineering excellence

The Metalock International Association has developed and tested a new stainless key (MN555) to facilitate component repair at high temperatures of up to 550 degrees Celsius.