Case Studies

Case Studies

The onsite stitching repair process in action, two case studies

Repair by our Metalock member in Colombia

Fractured! Call Metalock
Identify the extent of the damage Holes drilled across the fracture Metalock keys inserted and sealed Fracture filled with Metalace studs Seal and grind - Metalock job complete.

The Metalock repair process in action, second case study

A MAK cylinder block fractured into 7 pieces, repaired by our Metalock member in Bulgaria

The cylinder showing complete fracture in 7 places Broken off part no. 1, ready to be stitched back. Part 1 metalocked to the engine block Surface preparation for addition of part no. 2 No 2 fitted New part no. 3 stitched in View of the surface of no. 3 after the final processing for achieving flatness and roughness Embedding part no. 4 with metalock Embedding the part 4 Completed Metalock repair and preparation works for mechanical treatment Building in the new part 5 Casing before beginning of repair of new part no 6 Preparation and alignment of new part no. 6 Metalocking of part no. 6 Part no. 6 completed metalock repair Preparation for part no. 7 repair Aligned and ready for embedding no 7 Final work to part no. 7 Final work to part no. 7 After the addition of all new parts, the complete cylinder is aligned. Complete metalock job.